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Go Green with EMGAS

Emirates Gas has placed a great deal of emphasis on the environment and is committed to supporting and engaging in introducing new and emerging products which helps reduce energy consumption and build a better quality of life for all, at the same time helps reduce carbon emissions & have lesser adverse impact on environment.

Emirates Gas Aerosol Propellant (EGAP):

With focus on environmental protection, EMGAS has always strived to bring in the best products using LPG and Propane to substitute environmentally harmful products such as Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC).

Keeping in line with the climate change policies viz. Montreal and Kyoto Protocol, EMGAS introduced EGAP in 1991. This was a major attempt to contribute to the environment by offering Aerosol grade Propane and Butane as substitutes for the Ozone depleting CFC’s.

Today, EGAP is a value added product in the portfolio of EMGAS. Perfume/cosmetic industry is one of the niche markets in UAE using exclusively EMGAS EGAP, about which EMGAS is very proud of and the industry in UAE caters to whole Middle East and North Africa market.

Propellants are used in sprays, i.e. they could be perfumes, medicines or paint sprays and it is a requirement that propellants should have no odor.


Cutting Edge Gas (CEG):

Industry research showed that allied companies that supported the Oil and Gas Companies were thriving in the UAE and industries such as metal cutting and ship building industries had a strong need for safe and economical cutting fuel, EMGAS introduced an environmentally-friendly and cost ¬effective solution by offering Cutting Edge Gas (CEG), ideal for metal cutting applications. CEG comes as an environmentally-friendlier and safer alternative to Acetylene which is usually used to cut industrial metals. Acetylene has certain environmental liablilities in its production, less safe in its use compared to CEG, and disposal of Acetylene cylinders do pose certain serious challenges to the environment. CEG not only addresses environmental challenges and contributes to sustainable development practices; it is also more economical, thus optimizing resource efficiency by industries.

Acetylene is the widely used fuel in cutting torches in metal cutting industry which is being replaced by alternatives such as CEG.


Continuously innovating to meet evolving customer needs, EMGAS has launched Pro-Power, a new range of cylinders filled with high-quality propane to drive fork lifts as an automotive fuel. Pro-Power complements the commitment towards sustainable development. Compared to other forklifts fuels, 'Pro-Power' is clean burning, with significantly lower emissions and no spillage, thus marking an eco-friendly approach for Fork Lift operations. Pro-Power also ensures well being of employees in these units by creating a cleaner work environment by addressing aspects of air, noise and smell.

Based on market studies, insight and interactions with dealers of forklift manufacturers, cylinder manufacturers and consumer, EMGAS has ensured that the key features such as rust-inhibiting paint, floating and fixed level gauges, liquid withdrawal tube and safety relief valve are brought into the product design. At the same time the cylinder is capable of rugged performance and hard handling in an industrial environment. However, it packs a powerful performance to give the forklifts the vital thrust and consistent power to lift heavy loads in varied terrain.

'Pro-Power 'prolongs engine life and customers can save through reduced maintenance and life-cycle cost. It also provides versatility in operation since it can be used indoors and outdoors completing all operations efficiently. Currently available in the UAE, it will soon be available for exports and is expected to significantly enhance the convenience of transportation and logistics service providers. 



A recent launch is R290, which is a refrigerant grade Propane used for substituting R22 refrigerant. This product has the potential to replace environmentally unfriendly Chloroflurocarbons (CFCs) in certain refrigeration applications, primarily big industrial and commercial ones. One such application is in the LNG ships. R-290 is processed and made available by EMGAS from select feedstock of ultra high purity Propane.



Compressed Natural Gas (CNG):

EMGAS invested considerably in the “ABRA” project to convert boats plying in Dubai creek from running on diesel engines to CNG driven engines. The project has been successful and is being scaled up for appropriate technology development & commercial implementation by RTA.


The potential benefits of this project are:

  • Overall fuel efficiency of engines.
  • Environmental benefits from reduced air pollution.
  • Improved environment in the creek from spills and contaminants.
  • Ras Alkhor wetlands will have less liquid contaminants (diesel / lubes).
  • Abra passengers’ exposure to noise pollution will be reduced.


EMGAS has been working closely with RTA on CNG project to come up with innovative ways to bring in CNG in to public transport with a view to enhance environment protection.

A unique model of pipeless natural gas fuel stations will be introduced in Dubai as part of its plans to implement a cost-effective & environment-friendly natural gas transportation stations.

Government vehicles will first switch to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) followed by private cars in the emirate to reduce carbon emissions & cut fuel costs.

Dubai Municipality is one of the first Dubai Government Companies to begin the initiative of conversion of their fleet vehicles to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

They have begun with conversion of 5 vehicles comprising passenger cars and light commercial vehicles to CNG. The next stage will see more than 400 commercial cars & medium sized vehicles run on Natural Gas instead of oil.

Follow EMGAS towards Zero Carbon Emissions & Greener Future



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