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Partner of Choice

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​EMGAS – The pioneer of LPG business:

  • With its rich history since 1974, EMGAS will provide you reliable, high quality & customized solutions.

  • We have the largest market share in the UAE & our products are well-known and well-received in the marketplace.

  • We have extensive distribution network, this will guarantee you a stable supply of our products.

EMGAS – The reliable gas supplier:

  • Being a Government company & part of ENOC group of companies, you can guarantee our credibility in the marketplace.

  • Our storage facility directly connected to the production facility which ensures maximum security of supply to our customers.

  • We retain and enhance our position by investing heavily in our infrastructure.

  • Working closely with local authorities, EMGAS has continuously set new standards in safe & efficient LP Gas usage.

EMGAS – The certified company:

  • EMGAS is Integrated Management System certified company which will assure you of our full compliance to EHSQRE. Our standards ensure quality products and services, environmental friendliness, safety, reliability & efficiency.

  • Our efficient & professional business practice maximizes our customer’s satisfaction.

  • Our Bulk tank certificate validation proves the implementation of safety regulations & procedures.

EMGAS – The leading manufacturer:

  • Our range of products & services makes us your partner of choice for your energy needs.

  • We are truly committed to implementing solutions to global challenges by offering clean gases like CNG, EGAP, Propane & Pro-Power.

  • We cater wide range of customers/industries with different activities like: food, ceramics, engineering, textile, paper & glass manufacturers, hotels, shipyards, shopping malls, residential apartments, perfume industries etc.

EMGAS – The strategic partner:

  • We have the largest on site storage with latest facilities for LPG, Propane & EGAP with the largest modern fleet of road tankers to allow diversity to cater to varying site conditions. This will guarantee you availability of product.

  • We offer Bulk storage tanks on leasing or / & on sale basis which includes periodic testing and maintenance. This additional service is for your convenience.

EMGAS – Peace of mind supplier:

  • We offer technical advice and assistance on consultancy basis completely free of charge in the areas of storage, gas characteristics and usage optimizations from inception of the project.

  • We provide our valuable customers with safety training in the areas of LP Gas for your safety long term benefit.

  • We conduct Periodical Safety Audits before every bulk delivery. This ensures your LPG storage receipt systems are safe.

  • Our delivery crew are all trained & experienced; this ensures that the product is delivered in a safe manner.

  • We offer emergency supply on a short notice to prevent dry-out & therefore no economic loss.

  • We conduct comprehensive cylinder maintenance for public safety.

  • Due to road restrictions, EMGAS has developed a night delivery system which is being operated successfully.

  • Our Decanting, Degassing services will provide you maximum safety and efficiency.

  • We test inspect ISO containers to meet your international requirements with quality assurance.

  • EMGAS after sales services provides you quality of ongoing support strong customer relationship.

EMGAS – The innovative supplier:

  • Our web portal can be used to order your Bulk requirements online. This will facilitate instant processing and electronic confirmation thereby ensuring 24/7 order booking.

  • Our remote monitoring of gas levels of LPG minimizes your risk of low stock levels therefore no work stoppage.

  • EMGAS Customer Care System goal is to manage all your enquiries promptly, efficiently and considerately.

  • We offer our bulk customers the status of bulk deliveries via SMS.

  • Our customers receive updated online Statement of Account.




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