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Safety Guide

​​Safety First – Your Everyday Future Fuel


At Emirates Gas, we're committed to safety in everything we do – and Emirates Gas LPG is one of the safest domestic fuels available. But you should take a moment to familiarise yourself with good cylinder practise to ensure the trouble-free operation of your LPG cylinder.




Know your LP Gas Cylinder  

Operating Safety Instructions F-valve  

Operating Safety Instructions Compact Valve

Good Practices

  • Always read the safety instructions that come with your cylinder.
  • Always keep your cylinder in an upright position on a firm and level surface. Never drop the cylinder, lay it on its side or roll it along the ground.

  • When receiving your cylinder, check that the yellow, Emirates Gas-branded shrink-wrap is intact.

  • Ensure rubber hoses are fully visible, secure and free from leaks. Replace hoses immediately if you see cracks or signs of wear and tear.

  • Never tamper with the regulator. Ask your Distributor for assistance with installation and replacement.

  • All Emirates Gas cylinders now come with a self-closing valve over which a click-on regulator is fixed. Turn the regulator knob to the ‘close’.

  • Never keep cylinders in a cellar or unventilated room as LPG is heavier than air and may settle at floor level.

  • LPG is highly flammable – never smoke near your cylinder or store it near direct heat, a naked flame or other ignition source.

  • Never check for LPG leaks with naked flames (candles, cigarette lighters, matches, etc).

  • For other safety tips, ask your Emirates Gas distributor for a copy of our handy safety leaflet or click here to download a PDF version (requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader).


In the Event of a Leak

Emirates Gas LPG has a special added ingredient to help you detect leaks. If you smell gas:

  • Immediately turn off all stoves.
  • Switch the regulators on all cylinders to the ‘Close’ or ‘Off’ position.
  • Do not turn electrical appliances on or off, as this may cause sparks.
  • Evacuate everyone from the building.
  • Check for leaks by spraying the cylinder with a soap solution (you can use washing-up liquid). NEVER check for leaks with a naked flame.

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  • In case of emergency, call 800 EMGAS (800 36427) or 04 267 3232.



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