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EMGAS is known and respected for their leading industry position, especially related to safety, quality and value.


Our broad range of customers, from large industrial manufacturers, to the domestic user at home, trusts and relies on EMGAS to consistently deliver a product that can be completely trusted, and offers a total value solution.

We invite you to switch to EMGAS to discover a new world of industry leading standing, quality products and delivery, well trained and professional staff, and an company commitment to ensuring that your total experience with EMGAS is to your satisfaction.


Switching to EMGAS will save you time, cost, and opportunity lost to focus on the aspects of your business that are important to ensuring your success. Through placing your total gas solution requirement with EMGAS, you’ll smile knowing that you have peace of mind that your trust has been placed with a company that values only the highest standards and offers many complimentary services to meet your needs.


Switching to EMGAS entitles you to complimentary Pre Delivery Inspections, which are carried out using a predefined set of criteria. These criteria are important to ensure that EMGAS can deliver safely to your facility, without endangering the surrounding environment.

Should you require technical consultancy should you wish to switch to EMGAS, we are able to provide process surveys, and other technical advice using our long established engineering capability, and qualified staff. Using this capability, we are able to provide advice and solutions that will add value to your business, and ultimately save operating costs.


Sharing of industry best practices for the storage, use and safety of LPG and Propane is an EMGAS passion. Through sharing this information, we ensure that our message of safety and quality is distributed as widely as possible. Switching to EMGAS will give you access to complimentary safety and information training, conducted by qualified EMGAS staff at your premises. We will structure the training to ensure maximum understanding of the important aspects of using LPG safely.


Emergency deliveries are required from time to time, by our customers. Switching to EMGAS entitles your company to complimentary emergency deliveries, ensuring that your process can continue operating without delay, maximizing your production time, and minimizing the worry of a possible tank run out.


Switching to EMGAS entitles your company to many complimentary benefits, and offers your company the advantage of a professional and mutually beneficial relationship. Contact us to learn how you too can become a part of the EMGAS success.


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