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Remote Tank Gauge (RTG)

Emirates Gas installs Remote LPG Bulk Tank Monitoring System.


In its constant pursuit to maintain the highest standards of customer service, Emirates Gas recently installed the remote gauge systems on customer tanks. The remote gauge will not only allow the customer to easily monitor the contents of his tank while in the comfort of his office, but will also allow Emirates Gas LLC to monitor it remotely and supply product thereby taking away the burden of the customer to place orders.


The system installed, Remote Control Technology (RCT), is an electronic device for monitoring liquid levels of stationary LPG tanks. It has a dial gauge which sits on the existing float gauge. The tank information is read and transferred for evaluation in defined intervals according to configuration to Emirates Gas main computer.


            Remote Gauge.JPG


“This system will help us in monitoring customer tank levels for the remotest of customers such as Le Meridien Al Aqah, while sitting here in Jebel Ali terminal in Dubai. Remote tank gauges allow us to check the product level in customer tanks without having to physically go to the customer. We can get close to 100% accurate tank level readings at our office with this wireless remote LP Gas tank gauges. This system is an added assurance that will help us keeping customer tanks at a safe level and therefore ensuring that the client is not running out of the product,” said S.B. Muthazhahan, Operations Manager.


Each customer tank is fixed with one unit of RCT which is configured for that particular customer. Details such as customer name, unique PIN no, mobile number etc are configured by Emirates Gas for a particular device which is then fitted on the customer tank. After switching the power of the device on, it sends Emirates Gas an SMS reading the level of the tank at the time of installation of the device on the customer’s tank.

“The system will not cost the client anything as it operates on battery which Emirates Gas replaces periodically. The system also operates on telemetry system, which is known for its accuracy and therefore allows no chance for false data recording. Finally, Emirates Gas will also be responsible for charging the SIM cards hence, enabling cost effective management of Emirates Gas LLC logistics,” added Muthazhahan.


Emirates Gas can get three main readings from this system including daily reading of the tank level at a fixed time which is configured for every customer. Secondly, in case the customer tank is filled more than the stipulated level, Emirates Gas will get an overfill alarm in the system. Thirdly, Emirates Gas can also get alarms such as low levels which are to be configured as per the re-order level for each customer.


“The system is in trial phase and upon successful completion of the trials most of Emirates Gas customers’ tanks will be installed with this system thereby ensuring the highest standards of customer service and makes Emirates Gas as the only company in the region giving such a unique and valuable service,’ said Hesham Ali Mustafa, General Manager, Emirates Gas.


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