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Aerosol Propellant (EGAP)

Emirates Gas Aerosol Propellant (EGAP)


EMGAS is the sole supplier of high-quality aerosol propellants in the region produced from Propane and Butane and then blended in the ratio required by customers. Our aerosol propellant is a viable, economical replacement for harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which have been proven to contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer.


Emirates Gas Aerosol Propellant is hydrocarbon based, does not contain ozone-depleting substances and provides an economical, responsible alternative to CFC'S.


Developed in accordance with the latest international standards, the Aerosol Propellant plant meets the strictest industry specifications and ensures product purity and consistency. EMGAS has dedicated tanks, pipelines and purpose-built delivery tankers to ensure absolute purity of the product throughout the production and delivery process.

EGAP Applications

Industrial applications for Emirates Gas Aerosol Propellant include:

• Perfumes and cosmetics
• Pesticides
• Air fresheners
• Paints
• Polishes
• Food-grade packaging materials


EGAP Benefits

• High chemical stability
• Less than 1ppm sulphur
• Non-toxic/non-corrosive
• No oily residue or staining on evaporation
• Odour-free

EGAP Availability



Emirates Gas Aerosol Propellant (EGAP) is available in a range of grades – EGAP 24, 30, 40, 70, 100, etc – each produced by carefully blending propane and butane and developed to cater to the specific needs of industry.


EGAP is also available for export to the international market, with customers able to uplift supplies using ISO-certified containers.


Learn More

Contact an EMGAS Account Manager for more information on EGAP.


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