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“EMGAS offers in UAE, the strategically located hub of Oil & Gas industry in the Gulf region, a newly developed product-service  offering called CoolGas. Large Refrigerated LPG cargo ships which undergo repairs at Ship repair centers require their tanks to be cooled prior to calling at the load port. For this refrigerated Propane was required. In order to meet this requirement of customers EMGAS studied in depth the actual requirement of the customers and came up with an alternate  solution to cool down the cargo tanks of these large LPG ships by using pressurized Propane/Butane through a monitored flow process that enables controlled vaporizing  of Propane in the cargo tanks of the LPG ships while at the same time ensuring that the pressure in the cargo tanks does not exceed the design limits. The vaporizing of Propane inside the Cargo tanks results in adiabatic cooling of the tanks as the Latent Heat of vapourization required for phase change  is taken from the Cargo tanks, there by cooling them.  This innovative Product-Service offering from EMGAS has enabled Ship repair facilities in the UAE to compete with other ship  repair facilities due to the availability of CoolGas  with EMGAS. Through the CoolGas Product-Service, ships now undergoing maintenance at local Ship Repair facilities  avoid delays in loading at their final load port as they can cool their tanks locally.


CoolGas Service is conceptualized as the perfect match for shipping companies in the region looking for this unique service. In situations where there are very tight timelines due to restricted availability of berths and expensive berthing space, Emgas delivers on time and ensures through its operational and technical expertise the achievement of the desired cooling objectives.   Today, EMGAS is the only company in the region who is providing this facility for Ship carrier and now caters to  coolant requirement of very large cargo carriers.



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