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International Business

​​​EMGAS is recognized as an active player in the International LPG market supplying a wide range of quality products and its Jebel Ali plant is strategically positioned to offer customers an easy gateway to a number of countries in Africa and Asia.


With its abundant product supply and superb infrastructure, it caters to a number of clients from Middle East, Indian sub continent, South and Central Asia and African continent by supplying various products in bulk and cylinders. EMGAS has the entire breadth of amenities to meet the various requirements of international customers. The services offered include testing and prequalification of ISO containers, and third party inspections for quality assurance. With a large fleet of ISO Certified containers, EMGAS also leases to global customers who benefit from the mobility advantage and bulk storage facility. This is of crucial advantage for those who are transporting the products to locations with limited access or have specialized requirements like Aerosol filling or Refrigeration.


EMGAS Jebel Ali plant is open 24 x7 x 365 and is well equipped to meet the sophisticated requirements for export and being close to the world class Jebel Ali port ensures very fast turnaround of the ISO Containers thus offering customers a superior logistical advantage and cost savings. This is complemented by superior service and technical assistance with high quality standards which are an integral part of the operational ethos of EMGAS.


By strengthening the efficient transport of LPG and other allied products across vast geographical footprints, EMGAS is also contributing to global sustainable development initiatives. By partnering and developing innovative and customized solutions for storage, transportation and bottling of LPG and making investments in developing countries that use up fast –depleting resources, EMGAS is pursuing new horizons.


EMGAS has a wide footprint and market presence globally with supplies to Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, South and Central Asia and Africa with customers located in Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Pakistan, CIS Countries, Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Jordan, Namibia, Djibouti etc. To further enhance its market presence and make EMGAS an accomplished global brand, Emgas is embarking on new investments and market entry in potential markets across Asia and Africa with storage and bottling facilities and supply solutions. Recently it commissioned a storage terminal in Djibouti and has become the major supplier to Ethiopia and is further poised to expand the terminal in the next 24 months.


EMGAS welcomes enquiries for supplying LPG, Propane, Aerosol Grade Propellant, Cutting Edge Gas, and other products and accessories to various markets around the world and also for developing business case for partnerships in pursuing viable opportunities for its product range across the globe. With a comprehensive approach for developing International markets through supply, shipping, terminal, marketing and distribution, EMGAS offers customers an integrated solution.


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