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R290 grade Propane from EMGAS is a very high quality product offering customers a minimum Propane content of 98% and nil moisture making it most suitable as a refrigerant. This specialized halogen free, hydro carbon refrigerant is an ideal replacement for CFCs and HCFCs and EMGAS is thus aiding efforts in promoting eco-friendly products.


The high quality propane, R290, has low Global Warming Potential and is now being recognized and is being investigated for feasibility of replacing various refrigerants which contain fluorocarbons.


R290 grade is a natural replacement for R-22 grade and offers reliable and excellent performance as a refrigerant and is now being used in various applicants involving refrigeration including display shelves and cabinets and in air-conditioning systems and in different commercial and process refrigeration.


Having the same cooling effects, efficiencies, durability and other performance factors as the fluorocarbon refrigerants, R290 is poised to be used more widely and extensively in the years to come and is an excellent alternative to R-22 since generally no modifications are required.


EMGAS welcomes enquiries from customers for testing the product in various applications involving R-22 and can offers customers supply in a range of cylinder sizes.


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