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​What is LPG?


As the name suggests, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a petroleum product consisting of a mixture of flammable hydrocarbon gas primarily propane and butane and is produced either from a crude oil refining process or extracted from natural gas.


What are the advantages of LPG?


There are many. From a practical point of view, LPG provides a safe, steady and reliable source of heat. Cooks prefer its controllability over other forms of fuel – its visible blue flame and 'instant on' properties give you total control in the kitchen. And it's one of the cleanest domestic fuel sources available.


Is LPG safe?


When sourced from a reliable supplier, LPG is one of the safest available domestic fuel sources. At EMGAS, everything we do is focussed on ensuring the safety of the gas we deliver. Our processing and bottling plants are certified to the highest international standards. Our distribution partners are highly trained. And our cylinders are manufactured and serviced in-house, to ensure that the LPG you receive is as safe as it can possibly be.


What is a Composite Cylinder?


The composite cylinder introduced in the UAE by EMGAS is an innovation in gas cylinder manufacturing technology where composite material is used instead of the traditional steel. These composite cylinders are convenient to use and have significant advantage with its light weight. Another major advantage is that if the cylinder is exposed to a fire, then the composite structure develops millions of pinholes which allows the gas inside the cylinder to slowly escape and burn in a localized manner instead of exploding due to temperature build up as may happen with steel cylinders. Now available in 2 kg capacity, the composite cylinder will soon be available in other capacities also.


What about the environment?


LPG is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel available today. It's clean burning, efficient and sustainable. It produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions that just about any other domestic fuel source (including mains electricity), delivers a higher calorific value per unit than other commonly used fuels, and produces no harmful or dangerous waste. 


And in the home?


LPG from EMGAS is ideally suited for the home. Our cylinders are certified safe, highly portable and available on demand. Our gas lights immediately, and burns with a bright blue flame, giving you total control.

How do I order LPG from Emirates Gas?


Our wide network of distributors is on hand to deliver the energy you need – and they are just a phone call away.



What is the procedure for new domestic/commercial LPG cylinder connection:


Emirates Gas markets LPG cylinders in the emirates of Dubai, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah through a network of authorized cylinder distribution companies. Consumers can call any of the companies and they will assess the site and provide the consumer with a quotation for the cost of the connection including the capacity of the cylinder, regulator - depending on the type of cooking appliance used, rubber or copper tube or a manifold, hose clips and other accessories. The consumer can contact more gas distributing companies to have a comparison on the cost/services etc and choose accordingly. There is no particular documentation for a new connection as there is no deposit for cylinders and it is an outright purchase by the consumer. For a list of distributors please click here.


What is the price for a new gas connection:


In view of the variables as mentioned above, a gas connection price has not been fixed by us. Only the LPG refill prices to consumers are notified to the distributors and the current price is available in our web portal and also advertised in the newspapers whenever changes are made. Please always insist on a bill/receipt for the equipment/services from the distributor as it is your right and will help follow up in case there are any complaints.


What should I do when I want to terminate the gas cylinder connection:


At the time when you want to terminate the gas cylinder connection, please call an authorized gas distributor to safely disconnect the cylinder. As the equipment and accessories are owned by you, you are free to sell the cylinder and other equipment. As our cylinders are re-qualified or replaced periodically in conformity with the regulations, cylinder distributors would be ready to purchase the cylinders from you.



For details of a distributor near you, please visit our Distributor List.


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