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Economical, convenient and controllable – LPG is the first choice fuel for your everyday cooking needs. And in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, Emirates Gas is your first choice provider.

That's because, with more than 4 decades experience, you can trust Emirates Gas and our network of distributors to deliver safe, reliable, affordable fuel, whenever you need it.

It's what makes Emirates Gas the number one LPG supplier in the UAE. And why, when you need LPG, you know who to trust.

Why LPG?

LPG is the first-choice cooking fuel the world over. It's clean, convenient and controllable.

At home, LPG is the ideal cooking fuel. It lights immediately, with no fuss. It burns cleanly, without soot or harmful fuels or unpleasant smells. And it’s wonderfully controllable – one of the reasons that professional chefs insist on it in their kitchens.

And LPG is safe – it's stable, non-toxic, and all Emirates Gas LPG cylinders and facilities conform to the strictest international safety control standards and safeguards.

Choosing LPG helps the planet, too. It's one of the cleanest fuels available, generating lower carbon emissions than coal or oil, which results in cleaner air and less harmful CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

The LPG Advantage

When choosing your cooking fuel, it’s worth remembering these important facts about LPG.

LPG gives an instant cooking flame

It’s easy to use and lights instantaneously


It’s easy to control – the blue flame is clearly visible and easily adjusted

LPG is non-toxic and safe to use


It burns cleanly and doesn’t produce any soot, smoke or unpleasant smells, helping you to keep your kitchen clean


Because it makes cooking quick, LPG doesn’t unnecessarily heat the kitchen, like wood or charcoal-burning ovens can

LPG is always available – your local Emirates Gas distributor is only ever a phone call away.

LPG and the Environment

Choosing Emirates Gas LPG isn’t just the best choice for your home – it’s a responsible choice for the planet, too. That’s because:

LPG is a low-carbon fuel – burning LPG releases less carbon (a potentially harmful ‘greenhouse gas’) into the atmosphere per unit of energy than other fossil fuels.

LPG is a low-particulate fuel – it burns more cleanly than heavier molecule hydrocarbons, and releases very few particulates when it is burned. 

LPG produces no harmful waste. 

LPG has no adverse impact on soil or water supplies. 

LPG is a secure energy source – more than 50% of global LPG production come from natural gases extracted directly from the earth, with the remainder being a by-product of oil refining.

Why Emirates Gas?

Emirates Gas has been the leading supplier of LPG in Dubai and the Northern Emirates for the past four decades. Owned by the Government of Dubai, we are part of the Enoc Group, the emirate's national oil and gas company.

Throughout our history, we have maintained an unblemished safety record. Our commitment to service, value and safety – along with our consistently high-quality products – have made us the preferred choice for consumers throughout the Emirates.

And our network of approved distributors means that safe, affordable efficient energy – delivered to your door – is only ever a phone call away.


How to get a gas connection?

Emirates Gas provides new cylinders for consumers purchasing LP Gas cylinders for the first time and offers convenient way of refilling them through its authorised distributors. The empty cylinders are simply exchanged for filled ones at your home upon payment of the LP Gas cost to the distributor. The distributors operate with vehicles approved for carrying LP Gas cylinders and normally render prompt service.

Cylinders undergo pre and post filling checks which assure you of complete safety and peace of mind and are maintained, regularly tested and replaced when they complete 15 years service as per local regulations.

There are many authorised distributors available for providing you the best service. Please refer to the list in Dubai (given in link to 'List of Distributors') and for other parts of the UAE please contact the EMGAS office in your emirate.

While receiving your gas cylinder at home, please refer to the General Tips pamphlet (given in link to 'Safety Guide') to guide you.

As the leading LP Gas company in the UAE, the clean and well maintained cylinders available with several advantages has lead many customers to trust the flame. 


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